Coco Salée is inspiring to a more conscious and healthy lifestyle.
Our product are sustainable and ethical to help you to make better choices.


A coconut in the ocean… When it falls into the ocean the coconut can resist for days in the salty water before washing up on a beach and taking root to grow a Coconut Tree..

Inspired by the story of the coconut, our brand << Coco Salée >> (means salty coconut in French) is born.

The story

Behind Coco Salée, there is the desire of creating a brand in line with the values and the lifestyle of its founder: Charline. Born in France and living in Australia, she’s a Yoga teacher and environmental advocate.

In 2018, she starts to travel around the world and particularly Southeast Asia.

Visiting this side of the world open her eyes to how big the issue of plastic pollution had become.

It is in Vietnam and Bali that she got inspired by the locals using up-cycling natural products that would have gone to waste in their everyday life. From coconut bowls, spoons to bamboo straws, all their dishes were looking great and healthy.

She saw the opportunity to reduce single-use plastic, to provide jobs to the local community, and to invite people to live a more clean, conscious, and healthy life.


Objective Zero Plastic

We are offering plastic alternatives products. We aim to reduce human consumption’s impact on the environment.

Coconut bowls 100 % naturals with no chemicals added

Our coconut bowls come from Vietnam and are known for their high quality. They are grown in organic and sustainable farms. After using the water and the flesh, we recover the shells to polish and transform them into beautiful coconut bowls.

We make sure that our coconuts are never exposed to chemicals that could harm our health and our environment.

FIf you decide one day to part with your bowl, it could return to the earth or the sea without any ecological impact! Great, right ?

Social impact

All our products are handcrafted by artisans in South East Asia, this allows us to create more jobs in developing countries and to support communities in need.

We are also part of the I-change program